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About Us

Founded in 1979, R. L. DePanfilis and Company, LLC is a professional accounting firm serving greater Fairfield and New Haven Counties. We are a planning-oriented firm that encourages our clients to utilize the Firm’s financial and tax services to make intelligent business and personal decisions.

Our practice is diversified, progressive and conducted in the highest manner of professionalism. We have the capacity, sincere interest, and commitment to effectively provide the best professional services. We believe that certain factors make us uniquely qualified to fulfill your current and future requirements.

  • We will value you as an important client to our Firm.

  • We expect our relationship to extend beyond the accounting, auditing, and tax services to become one of mutual trust and respect directed to meeting your objectives. We commit to keep you informed of new accounting and tax developments that may affect you and to work with you to develop practical, cost effective approaches to dealing with problems and opportunities that may arise.

  • You will be served by a team of professionals, who are experienced in accounting, auditing and tax services, who can get things done, and provide you with timely information on current and emerging issues. We will use our experienced partners and staff in order to accomplish this.

Productive working relationships are a critical factor in reaching any goal. We enjoy an excellent rapport with our clients' management personnel, legal counsel, bankers, and other professionals who play an essential role in guiding our clients to financial success.

The Firm is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants (CSCPA). They are proud to be a member of the Private Companies Practice Section, the Management Advisory Services (MAS), and the Tax Division of the AICPA.

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